Children’s Corner

For more information about Children and Teen programming, check out our events calendar!

2021 Summer Reading Program @ Oxford Library!

Library Littles and the Read & Bead Club participants can continue to bring in activity sheets/minute trackers throughout the month of August to claim any prizes/beads.

      Members of Team Great White can pick up their prizes at the Children’s Room Desk at Oxford Library.

Members of Team Giant Squid can pick up a small thank you for participating gift at the Children’s Desk at Oxford Library.

Teen Volunteers @ Oxford Library

Oxford Library welcomes teen volunteers from grades 6 through 12. Volunteer opportunities may include shelving books, assisting in programs, and more!

To become a teen volunteer, complete the teen volunteer application below and either email it to Miss Sarah at or return a physical copy of the form to the Children’s Room Desk.

(Applications can be emailed to Miss Sarah at or brought to the Children’s Desk at Oxford Library.)

Have Questions? Email Sarah Beyer Doty at or call the library at 610-932-9625.